The Temple Law Firm is a Miami based law firm focused on providing quality, affordable legal representation to individuals as well as companies.  Our goal in every case is to resolve the issues in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  Meeting that goal results in less stress for our clients, more timely resolution of their respective cases and overall lower costs associated with litigation.

Some cases require an army of lawyers and that's one of the reasons why big law firms exists. However, most cases simply require a single, qualified attorney who cares about the case, has the time to work on the case, and is willing to go the extra-mile to get results.  At The Temple Law Firm, that's exactly what you will get. We understand the nexus between our client's success and our success.  As a result, we guarantee your case will be handled by a qualified attorney who has the time to focus on your case and who will work diligently to obtain the results your case merits. We also guarantee you will receive the personalized and professional attention you deserve, every step of the way.